Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Cinta insan
Walau sehebat mana pun menyeberang lautan api
Walau seunggul mana pun mendaki gunung tertinggi
Tewas di tangannya sendiri
Tatkala nafsu merajai diri
Cinta yang dikobarkan menjadi mati
Hanya bisikan nirajim membunuh jiwa insani

Pulanglah wahai manusia
Kembalilah dikau ke jalan yang benar
Yakni jalan yang telah Dia redhai
Bahawasanya cinta itu abadi
Jika disemai dengan benih asli
Asalnya daripada ajaran nabi
Bercambah menjadi iman di dalam hati
Yakini bahawa cinta yang satu hanya milikNya

Setelah disulami cinta abadi
Barulah cinta fitrah itu kian menjadi
Setelah mencintai Pencipta yang Maha Suci
Maka ketemuilah di antaramu Adam dan Hawa
Ketemuilah di antaramu bidadari taman syurga
Raudhah al-Jannah
Teman yang sejati

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Bila orang tanya macam mana kita nak tau yang dia tu betoi betoi memang the one.

Aku rasa lain orang mungkin lain kriteria, tapi bagi aku, berdasarkan pengalaman aku rasa cukuplah takat sorang yang aku boleh selesa sembang macam macam benda dengan dia.

Mau takat dok tanya makan apa hari ni buat apa pi mana lama lama jadi bosan. Lain la kalau dia tanya pendapat pasai isu semasa ka, benda ilmiah ka. Kurang kurang ada la seronok dia, ada la cabaran dia, terbuka la sikit minda. Kiranya tahap pemikiran dia sama taraf atau lebih kurang dengan kita. Baru ngam. Berkelai pasai idea tu biasa la, lain orang lain idea asalkan boleh berdamai cukup. Belakang kira la. Asalkan otak aku boleh bersenam mau sembang dengan dia.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I am not a man who's fascinated by being able to go around the world traveling to different places different climates. I may not qualified for such statement, but I think I'm not the traveler type.

Well, I do enjoy learning and watching different cultures, but I have no interest in going places that I've never been to. I only enjoy once I found out that place has a different or interesting geological history taken place millions of years before. Yeah, apparently rocks could induce such attraction unto me.

Beaches? Well most of the beautiful beaches I've seen are just happens to be nearby carbonate platform, that's why the scenery is beautiful. Carbonates are interesting, looking at how wave is form and affecting the beach, or should I say, shoreline is damn interesting. Other things than that are way beyond me.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Your Application Has Been Withdrawn

Wow what a cool start for today.

Well, actually that has been expected since they've never did any follow up. And with the oil prices going way down and lots of downsizing manpower happening across the globe, it would not be too difficult to guess that my chance will be put down for good.

Being a geologist, optimism is the key. Like people said, there's always a silver lining behind every event. To cope, and to continue on moving and living the life the way it should be.

A lot of other pioneers, particularly wildcatters, had been put down by the giants due to their optimism, because they were depicted as fools, trying to achieve something when the economy is not that of a good condition. But still, they manage to do so, and they get what they were after, and people who look down on them, somehow become amaze of what they are capable of doing.

For you guys, wildcatters. Cheers.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Sebab apa nak ambil Master?

Sebab nak dapat kerja bagus?

Tapi nanti orang kata overqualified.

Tapi berapa kerat ja orang yang ada kelayakan Master depa nak ambil?

Ramai lagi budak degree takpun diploma yang depa nak guna.

Mungkin sebab aku nak belajar.

Sebab aku rasa apa yang aku buat masa degree tu bodoh.

Jadi aku baru jumpa semangat untuk belajar betul-betul.

Perbaik dan tambah segala macam ilmu supaya aku dapat fahami betul betul bidang yang aku betul betul minat.

Supaya aku dapat mendalami apa yang aku minat.

Sebab aku pun berhak untuk memilih sama ada untuk sambung belajar atau tidak.

Belajar itu tak pernah merugikan, jika hasilnya ialah ilmu.

Sebab ilmu itu tiada nilai harganya, cuma manusia saja yang kadang kadang alpa tentang betapa berharganya ilmu itu.

Sebab nabi kata, belajarlah kamu walaupun ke negeri China.

Dari buaian sampai ke liang lahad, belajarlah.

Dan jangan pernah sesal akan segala ilmu yang telah kau pelajari.

Kerana satu hari nanti ilmu itulah yang menjadi harta paling berguna yang akan kau warisi.

Dan yang warismu akan warisi.


Dengan nama Tuhanmu yang menciptakan (sekalian makhluk).

For the Night is Darkest Before the Dawn

The oil price really affects those who are looking for an opportunity to dwell into the career path of oil and gas industry. Apparently, projects are being canceled and a lot of job opportunity have been turned down. Lots of people lose their jobs, as well as the aspiring new graduates struggling to cope with the possibility of not getting any placement in an oil and gas company. Things aren't going to look good for a couple of years, according to experts, as the price might going to go steady (read: economic) in a very slow pace, probably in 2-3 years or maybe a whole lot longer. But, the demand will surely grow as the world population is getting an increment annually. The possibility of under supply of energy will be imminent as the world giants, or should I say, titans, trying to push back the price towards a more comfortable zone (at least $80 a barrel should make them happy). But as they always said, things like this have been predicted years before. Anything that sticks on top shall one day fall down, bend towards the gravitational attraction. Those who rise shall fall, before making another rise. And yet, rising from a fall will not take a night's effort. Probably our future generation will harvest the fruits, but not us. And so fellows of the same fate, endure and survive. No matter in what kind of situation, opportunity will rise. Maybe not in this industry or this market, but surely your services are required by others. For those of brave souls, keep up with your effort. May you bear the fruit from every sweat you've poured. For the night is darkest before the dawn.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dare You to Move

I hope for the best for you.

Thank you for everything.

Khuda hafiz.

Monday, April 20, 2015


When I was young and small, people keep telling me what I should do, instead of what I'm capable of.

In the end, I turned out to be the machine everybody wanted me to be.

But does that satisfy me? No.

Apparently, as I grow older, I learn that you should go by your own pace.

Don't follow other people's pace, some might be faster than you, some might be slower than you.

Go with your own pace. Don't go along with the flow.

You are your own flow. Don't let people dictate what you should do.

Instead, search for yourself, for what is your worth in this world.

You'll sure find your place some day.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Best Things About Cycling

1) You could improve your stamina and recovery rate. Ever since January up to May I've been cycling like hell a lot and I've found out that I could go further without tiring myself and also, I could recover from fatigue quite faster than before. That's an improvement.

2) Feel faster. Feeling the breeze when riding a motorcycle is way different than achieving it through cycling. Even though you could only manage to go up to 30 km/h but you feel as if you're flying. Wait till you go downhill, it's way crazier and fun when you're going almost 40-50 km/h. That gust that blow directly to your face as you struggle to speed up is the best thing ever you could achieve through cycling.

3) Healthy mind. When you go on cycling you tend to forget all the problems that have been going on in your life. Even though you're alone, along the way you'll find new friends; guys who enjoy cycling as much as you do and you might join their pack. I think every cyclist have some sort of level of respect for each other because we understand how much effort we need to put in order to go for such distance; be it near or far; still, your effort counts every kilometers you put through that pedal.

4) Challenge. People always thought that big guys couldn't make it in cycling. In fact, they're wrong. I've seen guys way fatter and bigger than me, putting up way in front of me when they're cycling. You could be 90-100 kg and still be a cyclist. It's different than running and jogging. Running and jogging might wear you off due to your weight, but not cycling. At best, you might wear your legs but every little effort counts. You could start near; like 5 km for starters or if you feel that's just very short you could go for 10 km in the first try, but always make sure you have someone to accompany you to give you a little bit of drafting when you cycle. They always say; cycling in a group is fun, exciting and better to improve your performance. So take this as a challenge. Not only that, but I think that cycling makes me try to improve my time when going over distance. I'll try to make it faster and faster but the traffic conditions might vary every time; still improving my average speed and keeping a steady pace is the key for better performance in the long run.


It's been few years since I write for my blog. Well, thanks to microblogging on Twitter, apparently I've kinda lose some of the writing skills, but hell let's give it a try.

I since realized after my departure from a not single life to a single life apparently gives me the opportunity to explore other alternatives to fill in my free time. I manage to find a very seductive and powerful hobby that makes me forget what it feels like to be together with someone else. Yeah, thanks to you bicycle.

Cycling makes me feel alive again. And yet it challenges my very body and soul in order to break my own limits. With this kind of physique, I never thought of myself to reach a higher speed by just running or jogging, but cycling opens a new realm of speed to me. Well, for car drivers that realm wont be said as "fast" since they could rev up their mechanical engine and go way past beyond human capabilities. But when it comes to bicycle, it helps human achieve the impossible; the dream to catch the wind.

Of course, at first I struggle to even make a distance of 10-12 km on my own, but apparently I have forgotten that long time ago, when I was a kid, I enjoyed this sensation of aggressively pedaling with your own bare legs to see how fast you could achieve. At that time, feeling the breeze straight knocking your face was the most wonderful sensation I've ever had. That's my sole drive. That's what I want to achieve when I start cycling again.

I do think a lot when I'm cycling. A lot of random thoughts but that didn't resist me to appreciate the scenery while I'm going down the paved roads. Struggling against the opposite wind, the traffic, the road conditions, against slope or hills, it makes me want to explore every region every possible route that I could travel. 

It's wonderful. And I honestly enjoy it.