Friday, February 20, 2015


It's been few years since I write for my blog. Well, thanks to microblogging on Twitter, apparently I've kinda lose some of the writing skills, but hell let's give it a try.

I since realized after my departure from a not single life to a single life apparently gives me the opportunity to explore other alternatives to fill in my free time. I manage to find a very seductive and powerful hobby that makes me forget what it feels like to be together with someone else. Yeah, thanks to you bicycle.

Cycling makes me feel alive again. And yet it challenges my very body and soul in order to break my own limits. With this kind of physique, I never thought of myself to reach a higher speed by just running or jogging, but cycling opens a new realm of speed to me. Well, for car drivers that realm wont be said as "fast" since they could rev up their mechanical engine and go way past beyond human capabilities. But when it comes to bicycle, it helps human achieve the impossible; the dream to catch the wind.

Of course, at first I struggle to even make a distance of 10-12 km on my own, but apparently I have forgotten that long time ago, when I was a kid, I enjoyed this sensation of aggressively pedaling with your own bare legs to see how fast you could achieve. At that time, feeling the breeze straight knocking your face was the most wonderful sensation I've ever had. That's my sole drive. That's what I want to achieve when I start cycling again.

I do think a lot when I'm cycling. A lot of random thoughts but that didn't resist me to appreciate the scenery while I'm going down the paved roads. Struggling against the opposite wind, the traffic, the road conditions, against slope or hills, it makes me want to explore every region every possible route that I could travel. 

It's wonderful. And I honestly enjoy it. 

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