Wednesday, April 22, 2015

For the Night is Darkest Before the Dawn

The oil price really affects those who are looking for an opportunity to dwell into the career path of oil and gas industry. Apparently, projects are being canceled and a lot of job opportunity have been turned down. Lots of people lose their jobs, as well as the aspiring new graduates struggling to cope with the possibility of not getting any placement in an oil and gas company. Things aren't going to look good for a couple of years, according to experts, as the price might going to go steady (read: economic) in a very slow pace, probably in 2-3 years or maybe a whole lot longer. But, the demand will surely grow as the world population is getting an increment annually. The possibility of under supply of energy will be imminent as the world giants, or should I say, titans, trying to push back the price towards a more comfortable zone (at least $80 a barrel should make them happy). But as they always said, things like this have been predicted years before. Anything that sticks on top shall one day fall down, bend towards the gravitational attraction. Those who rise shall fall, before making another rise. And yet, rising from a fall will not take a night's effort. Probably our future generation will harvest the fruits, but not us. And so fellows of the same fate, endure and survive. No matter in what kind of situation, opportunity will rise. Maybe not in this industry or this market, but surely your services are required by others. For those of brave souls, keep up with your effort. May you bear the fruit from every sweat you've poured. For the night is darkest before the dawn.

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