Saturday, July 28, 2012

What comes next? Life

It seems that life as an office worker didn't really suit me well. I mean, with everyday 8 to 5 working under the cool comfortable air conditioned work space really dulls my senses on what's life is all about. Boredom rules over the heart of those who seek adventure and yet to find themselves stranded inside a space of conformity and comfort. Being sleepy is apart of my daily life as an office worker, but that's just the outer shell of every single issues. The main one that is of my concern is, what am I doing exactly?

I don't really have my whole "heart" to be put inside the industry. This is not me. This is not what I am looking for. I am looking for something that suits me the best, and I don't think by finding how much volume of oil and gas a field can produce is supposed to be my lifelong career. That's why I decided, before I start a new life, I need to end this whole phase thing, with a journey, throughout the world. I need to see people from different countries at different places with different climates and settings in order to grasp what is life is all about. Sometimes, you just need to step out of your house to find out what world really offers you, and what life can give to you, and in return, what can you do within your limited time here on Earth.

Travelling has been done since thousands of years ago, and without it, our ancestors won't make it through of what we are having right now. Some people do find inspiration all the way during their journey. This is not just a physical journey, but your mind and soul also goes along with it.

That's why I decided that one day, when I collected enough resources, I will travel around the world, and look for the answers I have been seeking...