Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Yes, the problem is solved. didn't you read the previous message. It says "Goodbye".

The end is inevitable. It will come either sooner or later. You should realize that earlier and be prepare about it.

There's no point on bringing up this matter. I'm sealing it off as it should. And it should end. At least you didn't have the chance to become the villain.

I don't think you would be needing me. There's a lot more people around you that are way better than me.

I think you could live the rest of your life without me. So why bother for my disappearance.

I am just a friend of nothing less importance to your whole life. You have families, close friends and even your soul mate. You don't need me.

This relationship will end even if nothing happens. So why don't I speed up the matter.

Besides we never really spend time together. There is no way you could prove that we are that close.

Anything that happens within the phone remains in the phone. In real world we are nothing more than a stranger.

You are not alone anymore and my existence is no more proven to be beneficial in your life. Take this as a new phase.

And so, goodbye...