Wednesday, March 20, 2013

4 years and finally

It has been quite a long time since I've updated this blog. 

Well here's the thing. For 4 years I've waited. I mean, I never had the guts to spill it off to her. I thought she only think of me as a friend. We even never went beyond bestfriend zone although I think almost every day we keep on texting each other. I even realized that somehow, from a normal crush, it evolves and become much and much more significant to my life. Our relationship is mostly based on long distance way of communication and we rarely have the chance to meet each other face to face due to the distance, but that doesn't dampen our growing relationship. It even further extends our chemistry beyond what we imagined. And I never thought that this day might happen, but it did. And I think that I am one of the luckiest man alive. 

Well I did a lot of stupid mistakes. I just keep on giving up on her. I mean, people are queuing up just to get the chance to be with her, and I am just a nobody. I don't have anything to offer. But still this thing had been kept on silent for 4 years. And I think I don't deserve her, and so I did some stupid mistakes, twice.

And that teach me that never give up. Never loose hope. Because sometimes, you will never know the greatest thing it hides beneath all those sufferings. And I never waited for years just for redemption. I breach the promise. Well she did told me that probably few years from now maybe we might have a chance if God's willing.

But I can't wait anymore. I have already face a lot of situation involving selecting the wrong choice and letting the good chances away. I would not let this one slip away. Not anymore.

And so I breach it. I muster all my courage and face her, well not literally, through phone anyway, but still that's the best thing I could come up at that time. And dear God thank you so much for this. I don't know how could I ever repay You.

If I choose to wait, I wouldn't have know the answer. I wouldn't have the chance to reconcile. And probably that might be the last time I ever contacted her. I risk and I gamble. I don't care the consequences. At least I am trying my best to win her back.

And it works